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Website Features

You can choose from three website levels: Basic, Standard and Deluxe. You can choose the level that best suits your needs. These are the different levels and the options each contains. An asterisk (*) indicates an item that is not available to non-resident visitors by default.


Basic Level

The Basic level is document storage only. This website is designed for those associations that want their documents available 24/7 to everyone in the association. There is only one password for all Residents/Owners. The following are the different types of documents:

Another typical condo
  • Declaration, Bylaws and any Amendments
  • Rules/Policies of the Association
  • Financials: Budgets, P&Ls, Long Term Reserve Studies*
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Newsletters
  • Forms: Applications, Reservations
  • Schedules: Events, trash/leaf pickups and other schedules
  • Site Plans: Maps of the site
  • Miscellaneous: The catch-all for any other documents

Standard Level

The Standard level is best for a “typical” Homeowner’s Association, but can be used for a Condominium Association. You want to provide a means of communication between the Board, the Property Manager and the Residents. Each unit (and non-resident owner) has its own password. The Standard Level includes everything in the Basic Level plus:

Another typical condo
  • Resident Directory*
  • News Items
  • Upcoming Events
  • Board, Officers and Committee listings with Email capability*
  • Property Management Contacts with Email capability
  • Resident Profile maintained by the Residents including:*
    • Emergency Contact
    • Alternate Address
    • Vehicle Tracking
  • Birthdays of residents*
  • Board only access to:*
    • Resident Inquiry by Name, Address, Phone or Vehicle
    • Board Only documents
  • Sending emails all residents/owners*

Deluxe Level

The Deluxe level is for a "typical" Condominium Association. You want to provide a website for the Residents/Owners and a window for the rest of the world. Each unit (and non-resident owner) have their own password. The Deluxe Level includes everything in the Basic and Standard Levels plus:

Another typical condo
  • Amenities List
  • Photo Albums with captions
  • Units for Sale/Sold listings
  • Classified Ads with photos
  • Non-Resident Owner Tracking
  • Links to websites of interest
  • Google® or Bing® Map of the area
  • Parking Assignment tracking*
  • Surveys*
  • Clubhouse/Community centers Reservations*
  • Text messaging all residents/owners*