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Welcome to Condo Grandé

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What do we do?

We create a website for your Association. We use a template that we created for a condo/homeowners association website, with many features customizable. We host the website through Condo Grande, and if you have a Domain name (e.g.,, you will go directly to your website. When you have new residents, we notify them about the website by sending them the access information through email or by postcard.

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Why do you need a website?

A website can provide an invaluable resource for your association. No longer do you have to try to contact everyone, leave notices on doors, or hope that everyone receives your information. It is online and always available.

This is what a website can provide:

  • A document resource for residents/owners
  • A communication resource for residents/owners
  • An information resource for visitors
  • A marketing tool for the Condominiums
  • A payment source for the residents (optional based on your Management Company)
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What do you get with a Condo Grande Website?

We strive to make the most user-friendly websites possible, with ease of navigation and larger than normal fonts for easy readability and touchability. Your website will be "Responsive", meaning that it works on any device: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smarthphone. We are always adding more features and enhancing the current ones.

Domain Names - The Domain Name is the address of your website: This is optional, and you will always be able to get to your website by going through Condo Grande (see Members). If you do want a Domain Name, we purchase it for you and charge you for our cost for the name. Note, it will belong to the Association, not Condo Grande, so that if you decide to leave us, you can take the name with you.

Color Schemes - We have many color schemes available, and are always adding more. Go through the Demo to see the different samples. If you would like a different scheme, all we need is a dark color and a light color and we can make a color scheme for you.

Updates & Maintenance - Condo Grande will do all of the maintenance & updates to your website. We do need a “liaison” from the association to insure that we are provided with up-to-date information. If you wish, someone in the association can also be given "Editor" status and will also be able to make changes and updates.

Visitors - The Association has the option to determine which document groups and pages of the website are available for visitors to see. Financial documents and Directories are suppressed by default.

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Anything Else?

Absolutely! We have created a database of Property Managers. If you are considering changing managers, check out our list under Databases. The list is not an endorsement of any particular Company, just a list to assist you in your search. Property Management companies: Contact us if you wish to be listed.